Willow Leaf Mask Packaging Machine

Programmable control: PLC programmable controller and servo motors, the machine runs procedures....
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Product Description

Willow Leaf Mask Automatic Packaging Machine






Packing size

L 60-280mm, W 60-200mm,

H 1-10mm




AC 380V 60HZ(customized)








Machine Configuration

1, Programmable control: PLC programmable controller and servo motors, the machine runs procedures.

2, The touch-screen display: speed of the host, set the bag length, the actual length of the bag, the amount of compensation, the output will be displayed on the screen at a glance.

3, Automatically adjust the bag length: the length of the conversion package on the touch screen to set their own, automatically adjust the length by a computer program, very easy and fast.

4, Two-way compensation standard: imported photoelectric detection of color, combined with servo motor controlled by PLC computer programming, automatic tracking, benchmarking so fast and accurate.

5, The right and left optical correction code: Justify the bag, smooth and beautiful.

6, Memory storage: 10 sets of data with a memory function.

Machine Introduction

This machine is the company's research staff on the basis of the multi-function horizontal packaging machine,

And absorb foreign advanced technology, combined with national conditions, strictly according to 'GMP' specifications, Advanced product specifically designed for strapping packaging, the machine set bag, loaded strapping tablets, batch number printing, sealing four sides, tear open the mouth, cutting and packaging products delivery all in one operation.The human machine interface,All host servo motor control, Bag length accuracy and stability,Having about automatic correction,Before and after the photoelectric version, Six groups of temperature control, Loading free to set other characteristics.

Packaging Sample Display


Equipment Size Chart



Q: Can you send me the video to show how the machine works.

A: Certainly, we have many videos for reference.

Q: How can I know your machine is design for my products.

A: You can send us samples of your products and we will test it on machine.

Q: How can you ensure the machine's quality after we put the order?

A: Before the delivery, we will send you machine's pictures and videos, or you can come to us to have the quality checking by yourself, or by the third party inspection organization contacted by your side.

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